“There are places you can go to talk on ‘Science’, places to talk on ‘Spirituality’ and places you can go to talk on ‘Business’. But this is a place where you get to do all three.”

A platform for exploring, expressing and sharing of great Ideas, stories, experiences, philosophies, perspectives and learnings. It welcomes people from all walks of life for getting together to unlearn, learn and share knowledge for personal growth and transformation. 


  • In a recent session at Corporate-a-sramah,I got a chance to discover "The Secret". The secret of Success, according to the session is a concept called "Law Of Attraction". In whatever little time I have been exposed to the concept of "law of attraction" I feel it does work.
    Nitin Rai, IBM
  • It was a great evening with the Urban Monk. Sessions at Corporate-a-sramah are always refreshing like a breath of fresh air in the lungs. The calm and soothing environment in which they are held also helps bring about a feeling of peacefulness within.
    Kartik Rishi, Hewitt Consulting
  • The Monthly Dossier is insightful and a good helpful compendium of articles for one’s growth and development.
    Prashant Shah, Fed Bank Financial Services Ltd.

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