Corporate Ashram, started in January 2011, is a "not for profit" organisation holding a set of talks, forums, conferences and events under the theme of Science, Spirituality and Management.

A platform for exploring, expressing and sharing of great Ideas, stories, experiences, philosophies, perspectives and learnings.

It is established with the noble idea of creating a strong base for everyone (Individuals, Corporate and Institutions) interested in contributing towards enriching human lives and shaping organizations and our society. The platform’s objective is to provide a common platform to all for getting together to unlearn, learn and share knowledge for personal growth and transformation.

It welcomes people from all walks of life who are directly or indirectly associated with the field of Science, Economics, Medicine, Psychology, Philosophy, Ancient history & Culture, Education, Research and Management practices.

Corporate Ashram’s core vision stems from the thought of establishing and developing a platform where the concepts of Science, Spirituality and Management converge and combine in a harmonious blend - Science gives the facts; Management explains the modus operandi and Spirituality connects both acting as the glue.

Corporate Ashram’s mission is to bring together people from the three worlds – Science, Spirituality and Management and share knowledge helpful for an Individual’s growth and in shaping organizations & our society with few remarkable thoughts, ideas and opinions.

Our present offerings are:

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