In all of us there resides an inherent desire to give back to society and better the priceless world that we have been so lucky to be 'alive' in. We at Corporate Ashram believe that we all have a bigger responsibility to stand for and a larger cause to address and support. It is with this belief that we bring this platform for connecting hands to contribute in any trivial or seemingly insignificant manner to the world around us. Under this initiative, we have picked up the plank of sustainable development under which a range of initiatives are being put in place in association with a network of individuals, NGOs and Corporates & Business houses.

    The focus areas under this are : Health, Education and Sustainable Livelihoods.

    Our present proposed Programs / Projects under this are:

    The Village Library - My World of Stories

    Aimed at kids between the age group of 6 - 12. Its about shaping the innocent minds.

    Objective :

  • - Giving the right education for building a firm foundation to the children for a bright and strong future.

  • The learning school - enabling able hands

    Aimed at children between the age group of 13 19. Its about becoming a guide to Impressionable minds who are on the verge of entering the workforce.

    Objective :

  • - Enhancing Employability ratio
  • - Developing Entrepreneurship among adolescents for self sustainability

  • The Cottage Boutique - Connecting rural and urban India

    Aimed at youth between the age group of 20 - 60. Its about introducing the self-sustainable methods to the under exposed with hidden talents and skilled able hands to make a mark for themselves in the market.

    Objective :

  • - Enhancing Rural Income Generation
  • - Empowering Women Leaders
  • - Developing Entrepreneurship among youth and adult for self sustainability

VOLUNTEER forbeing the organizer , the story teller , the philosopher , the guide and the friend.

PARTICIPATE in the village library program and be a part of their world, feel the connect and experience the joy of giving !

SPONSOR / PARTNER an Event/Program/Project and stirr a positive change.