Corporate Ashram is an intriguing fusion of two words 'Corporate' and 'Ashram'. For our conditioned mind, both these two words represent two diagrammatically different worlds and one would but naturally wonder how can one ride on both these boats at the same time i.e how can the word ‘Corporate’ which revolves round the corporate dictum of ‘maximum return to the shareholders’ and the single minded focus on the ‘bottom line’ be in sync with the something as altruistic as ‘Ashram’ in which the focus is on the principle of maximum effort leading towards higher consciousness. It is this thought which led to the creation of – 'Corporate Ashram’ pronounced as Corporate-a-sramah.

The word ‘Corporate’ refers to any subject that relates to our existence and economy. The word ‘ashram’ – comes with a Sanskrit root too - ‘Ashraya’ meaning a refuge or retreat. It is a place for rejuvenating and momentary retreat from the noise around us, but not necessary a place which encourages one to leave your worldly responsibilities. It’s a place where one can expect an environment which encourages you to think, look inwards, introspect, develop a transformative energy, and nourish your mind & body to progress with your lives much more meaningfully and productively.

Both words coming together have formed Corporate Ashram – a place where Science, Spirituality and Management converge. The platform is launched with the only objective of sharing and spreading “Knowledge” on this amazing path of understanding the unsaid.

With this thought, I invite everyone to join me at Corporate-a-sramah – a platform whose mission is to provide a forum for people from all walks of life to come together and explore, discover and understand the concepts of science, spirituality and management with respect to our everyday life experiences.

Welcome to the journey of Self – Discovery!