Story writing with Society for Systematic Education for Everyone’s Development (abbreviated as S-for-SEED) on Human Values, Holistic Living and Wisdom Development for children. This subject is divided following 4 sections :

  • (i) Education in “Holistic Wisdom”
  • (ii) Education in “Good Habits”
  • (iii) Education in “Useful Skills”
  • (iv) Education in “Right Career

Exploring and contributing well-researched and well deliberated papers on the subtle and sublime topic of “AŻnanda-MiŻmaŻm?saŻ” (Delineation on Beatitude) for publication of a volume of high-quality undertaken by Mangla Foundation.

Some of the topics of the theme are indicated below:

  • 1. Identity of Sat (Reality) and Cit (Consciousness) with AŻnanda (Bliss)
  • 2. Nature of AŻnanda
  • 3. Levels and spheres of AŻnanda
  • 4. Culmination of AŻnanda
  • 5. Different forms of expression of AŻnanda